My Phone is in the COVID Fight

Thank you for joining over one million of your fellow New Mexicans to add your phone to our fight to stop the spread of COVID-19.

Get A New Verification Code

I tested positive. How do I get a verification code to share my result?


Within 48 hours of finding out about your positive test result, you should receive your verification code via text message from New Mexico Department of Health.


If you do not receive a text message with your verification code, please contact NMDOH.

I received a notification. What now?

  • Receiving an exposure notification means you have been within 6 feet of a contagious person for 15 minutes or more, putting you at risk for infection.
  • Anyone not fully vaccinated who has been exposed to COVID-19 should quarantine for 10 days, even with a negative test result.
  • Anyone who develops symptoms should get tested. For any positive result, isolation should be followed for 10 additional days.
  • Getting a test during quarantine on day 5 or later can detect infection without symptoms and isolation can prevent further spread.
  • Please find additional information on testing, isolation and quarantine at the link below.

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Frequently Asked Questions

How can I get exposure notifications on my phone?

Android users can download and install NM Notify from the Google Play Store. Watch this video for instructions.

If you have an iPhone 5S, 6, or 6 Plus, update to iOS 12.5. If you have an iPhone 6S or newer, please update to iOS 13.7 or higher. Then, turn on NM Notify in settings. Watch this video for instructions or follow these simple steps:

  1. Tap on the “Settings” icon.
  2. Scroll down to “Exposure Notifications”.
  3. Tap “Turn On Exposure Notifications.”
  4. A prompt for How Exposure Notifications Work will pop up. Tap “Continue.”
  5. Follow prompts to select Country and State (United States, New Mexico).
  6. Review and agree to the NMDOH’s Terms and Conditions.
  7. When prompted, allow Exposure Notifications to access your phone’s Bluetooth.
  8. Tap “Turn On” to enable the notifications on your phone.
Will people know if I test positive?

No. NM Notify does not share any information about you with anyone else. When someone receives a notification about possible exposure, they will only know that someone they were near in the last 14 days tested positive for COVID-19. They won’t know who the person was or where the exposure occurred.

Do I have to opt-in for this app to work?

Yes. NM Notify is free and voluntary. You can opt out at any time. Simply turn it off in settings (iOS) or delete the app (Android). All random codes the phone has stored from app users who have been near you will be deleted and cannot be recovered.

I received a positive test for COVID-19. How do I get my verification code?

The NM Department of Health will text a link with a one-time verification code to people with positive test results. The verification code will expire within 24 hours. When you complete the testing registration with the NM Department of Health and consent to receive texts, you should receive a text message within a few days. You may also receive a call from the NM Department of Health. We will ask you about your symptoms and who you have been near.

If you do not receive a text with your verification code within 48 hours of a positive result, please contact the NM Department of Health through email here.

If you test positive for COVID-19, stay home and away from other people for 10 days. Tell anyone you were near in the 48 hours before symptoms started that they may have been exposed. People with COVID-19 need to stay away from others for at least 10 days. People who have been near someone with COVID-19 but who don’t have symptoms should stay home and away from others for 10 days, regardless of test results. If you have been near someone with COVID-19, it can take up to 14 days to get sick with COVID-19.

Do I need to have NM Notify open on my phone for it to work properly?

No. NM Notify will work in the background.

Will NM Notify affect my battery life or data plan?

The service was designed to use Bluetooth and data, but it does not consume much power. It should not have a noticeable impact on battery life or data usage.

How is my privacy protected?

NM Notify is based on Google Apple Exposure Notification technology, which was designed to protect user privacy. The app never collects or shares any location data or personal information with Google, Apple, the NM Department of Health, or other users. Participation is entirely voluntary. Users can opt in or out at any time. For more information about how user privacy is protected, see the NM Notify Privacy Policy.

Does this App track where I am or where I have been?

No. The app does not use any kind of GPS or location services that would identify your location or your movement. It uses Bluetooth technology to determine how close your phone is to another phone that has the same app.

Is this a “Contact Tracing” App?

No. Contact tracing identifies individuals who have been near a person who has COVID-19. NM Notify does not track or trace information about the people you are near, so it doesn’t do “contact tracing.” The app doesn’t collect or exchange any personal information. It isn’t possible for anyone to know who you have been near.

Can visitors use this service?

NM Notify is customized for New Mexico. Each state in the USA needs to have its own customized version. If you’re going to be in New Mexico for an extended period, it would make sense to enable NM Notify. However, when you go home or if you get a positive test result for COVID-19 outside of New Mexico, you would not be able to share that result using NM Notify. The NM Notify service currently communicates with exposure notifications apps from several other states, and more are being added. We recommend visitors find an up-to-date list of states with apps that communicate with each other by visiting the Association of Public Health Laboratories here.

Is NM Notify a replacement for contract tracing?

Contact tracing is still an essential tool for understanding and stopping the spread of disease. During a contact tracing interview, public health workers provide resources for people who have COVID-19 and collect information about who the person has been near. NM Notify does not replace this important method for stopping the spread of COVID-19. NM Notify does assist these efforts. Because we do not know the identity of people who use NM Notify, we cannot connect the notification you receive from this app and test results received by the NM Department of Health. To stop the spread, we need both. Every person who stays away from others after being near a person who has COVID-19 is doing their part to stop the spread of this disease!

How does NM Notify work?

When you enable NM Notify, your phone exchanges random, anonymous codes with nearby phones that also have NM Notify or a similar app from another state enabled. The app uses Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) technology to exchange these random codes without sharing any information about you. If another NM Notify user you've been near in the last two weeks later tests positive for COVID-19 and adds their verification code to the app, you’ll get an anonymous notification that you’ve been exposed. This lets you quickly get the care you need and helps you stop spreading COVID-19 to people near you.

How quickly will I be notified if I have been exposed?

You will be notified when the person who has COVID-19 authorizes NM Notify to send an alert. You can be notified of any exposure that happened within the last 14 days. How quickly you receive a notification after you’ve been exposed depends on when that person received their positive result and how quickly their information was shared in NM Notify.

I received multiple notifications on different days. What does that mean?

Quarantine is based on your exposure to someone with COVID-19. If you have close contact with different people who reported their positive test results, you will receive separate notifications for each of these exposures.


Learn more about New Mexico’s COVID-19 response and find additional resources at NMDOH.

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